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KiwiSaver Quick Questions

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When do you expect you will be using your KiwiSaver Funds?
What would you say is your RISK tolerance? (How much risk do you normally take in life?)

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We’ll get back to you soon.


P&B Team (Protect & Build Ltd)
Mortgages - Risk Insurance - KiwiSaver

Stephen George Bennett - Financial Adviser - FSP735551 (Director) - TEL 0211534959 (Please book a consultation time or send an email for me to call you as I am often tied up and unable to answer calls that are unscheduled - thanks in advance)
Jenny Radnoty - Client Manager Risk Insurance -
Daya (Dea) Christina - Administration/Client Manager Mortgages -

Paltridge & Bennett Ltd

Licensed Financial Advice Provider

License Number - FSP764731

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