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Vehicle Finance Explained

There are many ways to obtain car finance. Using a “traditional” type car finance company or an in house car finance company is probably not a very good idea. This is simply because many car manufacturers now make more profit from the financing than they make from the sales.

The best way to treat this type of finance is to judge it as just another loan as there is little to no value in the vehicle itself providing any security making it closer to being an unsecured loan opposed to a secured loan. The importance of a loan being unsecured to be secured is the rate of interest one needs to cover.

It is all about interest rates!

Look into the following different methods to get the best interest rates possible for yourself:
Use the equity in your property to obtain a loan using it as security. This is possibly the cheapest way to secure the best interest rate.

At P&B we will help you decide on what is the best and most cost effective way for you.

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