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International Student Insurance Explained

All international students and their unmarried children under the age of 17 travelling with them in New Zealand are able to obtain this type of insurance cover provided they hold a current New Zealand student visa. This policy is available for up to 2 years and is paid "upfront". The cover is events based. A lump sum will be claimable depending on the specified event defined by the individual product in the policy wording, terms and conditions and exclusions.
The product may or may not generally cover the following types of events:

  • personal liability

  • evacuation and repatriation

  • personal accident

  • medical and dental expenses

  • cancellation and changes travel itinerary

  • travel documents, money and personal effects if robbed

  • car rental expenses

  • Fee refunds for studies if incompleted due to an unexpected event.

  • Travel insurance cover for up to 31 days if visiting Australia or the South Pacific islands.

Insurance providers provide different products. It is important to read the wording and terms and conditions. For example, with accidents, all claims must be made with the ACC first (Accident Compensation Corporation), chronic conditions are normally excluded and as with most insurance policies cover is excluded if misuse of alcohol, drugs or illegal activity is the cause.

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