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Mortgage Calculator

Find out the monthly mortgage payment, the rate and other mortgage terms.

Why need a mortgage calculator?

The calculator helps you quickly calculate the main conditions for a housing loan: the rate and the amount of the monthly payment. The loan rate is the annual percentage for the use of borrowed money. The amount of the overpayment and the amount of the monthly payment directly depends on the rate.

How to use a mortgage calculator?

It is very simple to make a mortgage calculation using a mortgage calculator. In the appropriate fields of the calculator, specify the desired amount of the mortgage loan, select the interest rate and the approximate term of the mortgage.

The longer the mortgage term, the smaller the monthly payment will be. And the lower the mortgage rate, the less the total overpayment on the loan will be. A lot also depends on the down payment: the larger it is, the smaller the loan amount will be.

Choose the mortgage terms that suit you, because the mortgage calculator online is a free and useful tool with which you can plan your budget in advance, even before you apply for a mortgage.

Loan Term Calculator

Use this calculator to find the most comfortable mortgage repayment period for you.

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