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Trauma & Critical Illness Insurance Explained

This is a policy which covers major "health" events, normally cancer, heart attacks, aortic surgery and coronary artery disease. What is included will depend on the product provider and be included in the policy wording and its exclusions.
This type of cover is also known as "Living Assurance".
Depending on the product offered by the insurer, additional optional "extras" may apply like:

  • Male prostate removal.

  • Women’s additional cancer benefits that could include cover for carcinomas in situ.

  • A children's benefit for the individual's children aged between 3 and 18.

  • Additional cover for angioplasty.

As with most insurance products, it will have terms and conditions. These may include:

  • A "no claim" period after the policy is first taken out.

  • Exclusions in relation to self inflicted harm and self inflicted drug use.

  • It may exclude pregnancy.

  • That a period of 14 days must pass and the insured lives before a claim will be met.

  • Maximum monetary limits.

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