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KiwiSaver for Kiwis Abroad

Congratulations on being on this page. Although not an immediate reward today, you will probably be very thankful one day in the future as this may mean thousands of $'s to you personally!!


KiwiSaver is an investment in managed funds - these funds have returns of anything between +-4% to 8+% annually depending on the provider! Obviously the higher the return, the better this is for you. We are an intermediary for Milford who have been awarded "Best KiwiSaver Provider" by Canstar three years in a row (with 8+%) on their "Growth" fund see:

To make things as simple as 
possible and take up only 15 to 45 minutes of your time (its worth potentially $27K+ extra on a $40K KiwiSaver over 10 years if moved from a low performing fund at +-4% to a high performing fund of over 8%+) Please complete this simple and interactive questionnaire - CLICK HERE TO START

OR make contact below by completing the "Let's Chat".

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