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Financial Advice for your well-being

We help you step by step in obtaining a mortgage, refinance or a top-up on a residential property.
Risk Insurance.

Online throughout New Zealand.

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Consult an experienced financial adviser

It’s easier to navigate the New Zealand home loan, KiwiSaver and Risk insurance landscape when you have an expert helping you along. That's why we offer you to use our service, which will connect you with a highly qualified mortgage consultant (adviser). Advisers are paid in most instances, by home loan providers, so you can go into this relationship without worrying about extra costs. It all begins with an online questionnaire that only takes about 10-15 minutes to complete.

About Us

If you need a reliable financial or mortgage adviser in New Zealand, please contact us.

​Our website allows you to conveniently apply for mortgage and insurance applications.

An important difference between us and other advisers is our ability to complete the entire process digitally and via video conferencing. 95% of the time we do not charge our clients any fees as we are remunerated by the providers.

PNB was created to help you on your way to finding a competitive mortgage loan, RISK insurance and a KiwiSaver fund that meets your needs.

Contact us in any convenient way. For example, click here to set up a free online consultation.


Your Passion


Experience You Can Trust Always


This is where a mortgage broker is most useful, as we can negotiate the best deal and help you structure your home loan for as much financial freedom as possible.

Investment Planning

You should always consult with an investment advisor when choosing an investment plan for your savings in order to preserve and multiply them.



Our universal portfolio of insurance services includes both comprehensive business protection programs and a wide range of insurance products for individuals.

Help to choose the right bank and loan product for your needs, with the preparation of all necessary documents and full support of the loan processing transaction.


Financial Planning

KiwiSaver is savings scheme to help set you up for your retirement. You can make regular contributions from your pay or directly to your scheme provider.

It is a financial management tool in business and personal life. Financial planning will help you achieve your financial goals faster and eliminate financial problems if they arise.

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How to get a mortgage


I can’t express enough how helpful this company was for us. If you are a first home buyer who is overwhelmed, this company is the absolute best choice for you. They made everything easy to understand and answered absolutely question I had. Oh and they are crazy fast at returning emails or calls.

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